Character Snippets: Fawn Jackson

Introcucing the characters in my WIP Frienemies.

First up is my protagonist, Fawn Jackson. As the story opens she is seventeen years old in the year 1873. Her father was caucasian; her mother was Shawnee. Her brother, Gray Eagle, looked Shawnee but chose to follow his father’s culture as far as lifestyle and religion, but his room was decorated with Shawnee blankets, pottery, and emblems. Gray and his father were killed during the Civil War.

Fawn looked like her father with the red hair of his Irish ancestors, the freckles, and inherited the combined temperament of both of her parents. She is a mixture of insecurity and determination, stubborness, resentment, and good manners. She clings to the Shawnee religion, wanting to identify with a mother she never felt connected to.

Nana, her father’s mother, lives with her. Nana is severely arthritic at the age of sixty-five. As with Fawn, she has suffered the loss of her son, her grandson, and most recently, her daughter-in-law.

Fawn and Nana live in Lerona, West Virginia, in a hollow (pronouced holler by West Virginians), which means a rift or seam between two mountain peaks. All of the property in the hollow is owned by Senator Jeb Browning. The land was cheap after the Civil War and the newly elected senator bought up the property to keep developers from taking over. He grew up there and wants it preserved.

There are minerals in those mountains: coal, natural gas, and the possibility of other ores and minerals. The mineral rights all belong to the residents of the hollow.

As the story opens Fawn is attending a finishing school in Richmond, Virginia. The tuition was paid by the senator per an agreement he made with Fawn’s father as he lay dying on the battlefield. Fawn knows nothing of this arrangement and she feels like a charity case–and hates it. Senator Browning promised Fawn’s father, in a signed document which is in his files in his office on his ranch, that Fawn, her mother, and Nana would be taken care of. Fawn’s father had given the senator a piece of paper authorizing him access to the family coffers, which are in a bank in town.

While she is at school Fawn receives a telegram that she is urgently needed at home. Her mother has been in an accident.

What do you think you would do if you were suddenly thrust into the position of having to find work to care for an ailing grandmother, take care of the gardening, the household chores, and try to find out what reall happened to your mother–all at the age of 17?

Frienemies: Chapter 26

This is a short chapter (I may add more later), but I am only posting an excerpt. Please keep in mind that everything on my website and blog are copyrighted by author unless reblogged. Those posts that are reblogged should only be copied for other usage by express consent and permission from the owner of the post.


Jason rode back to the Jackson residence the next morning. His mother was taking care of Nana, making sure she was comfortable. She sent some freshly made biscuits with a jar of honey and another jar of homemade blackberry jelly from the previous autumn.

He knew where she would be. He knocked on the barn door. No one answered. There was no sound at all, not even a nicker from Sun. He cautiously opened the door which creaked on its hinges. Still no sound. He strolled through the barn, calling Fawn as he went. There was no answer.   …

It was only when he mounted his horse to leave that he noticed three sets of fresh hoof prints, all heading in the same direction. The assumption was Fawn was in the company of Joel and Angel. The hair rose on the back of his neck, a sure sign that something was not as it seemed. Should he follow or leave well enough alone? Lord, what should I do?







For some reason, today has been one for nostalgia. We have been traveling across South Dakota, and are parked on the rim of The Badlands for a few days. We had been in this area back in 2001 (before 9/11), enjoying the countryside and the scenery. But I digress.

While we were traveling some childhood memories came back: probably because of the billboard signs for Wall Drug Store. The billboards mention so many amenities, it reminded me of the Village Green Pharmacy in Aston, Pennsylvania. We had a lunch counter, a small general store, the pharmacy, and a soda fountain.

Some of the neighborhood kids and I would to there and order a soft drink called a “Rickie.” It was a blend of natural fruit juice, carbonated water, a frosted glass, and a straw with a cherry on top. We loved it. Then the bars came out with an alcoholic beverage by the same name and the pharmacy changed it to something that escapes my memory now. Alas, my recall has moved away. I think this pharmacy at some point changed its name to Gramarcy Press, or maybe I’m remembering something else. Who knows?

One day I walked from my house on Crystal Road to Village Green to visit my friend, Sharon Thompson. I think Linda Pappi and Patricia Zebley lived in that area too. Anyway, I found my way there, but I got lost going home. It took hours for me to find my way back. I nearly panicked but I made it. My mom was mad because I was late, but when I explained why I was late she got over it. I never went to Sharon’s house again. Staying in the Old and New Ridges was much easier.

If you’re from Aston (or if you just like the post) give me a shout. I have lots of great memories and remember most everyone I went through Green Ridge Elementary, Brookhaven Jr. High, and our sixth graders at Sun Valley with.

Maybe I’ll share Girl Scout memories next time.

Frienemies: Plot Decisions

I have been struggling with the basic premise of this novel for some time. I’m not sure the motive for Angel’s actions is strong enough. I’m going to try to tighten up the plot and add more suspense. There may even be a family connection between Joel and Angel, thus making him more vulnerable to her demands, kind of like a younger brother idolizing his big sister. Readers, if you have read the novel thus far on ChapterBuzz, tell me what you think.


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Excerpt: “Frienemies” Chapter Twenty-Five

Fawn was shaking and sobbing. Where were the gods of her ancestors who were supposed to protect her? She had taken her fetish with her. Maybe she should have left it home so it would have done its job. Where was Nana’s white God? If he was so powerful, why did he let this happen? Continue reading “Excerpt: “Frienemies” Chapter Twenty-Five”