Frienemies: Chapter 26

This is a short chapter (I may add more later), but I am only posting an excerpt. Please keep in mind that everything on my website and blog are copyrighted by author unless reblogged. Those posts that are reblogged should only be copied for other usage by express consent and permission from the owner of the post.


Jason rode back to the Jackson residence the next morning. His mother was taking care of Nana, making sure she was comfortable. She sent some freshly made biscuits with a jar of honey and another jar of homemade blackberry jelly from the previous autumn.

He knew where she would be. He knocked on the barn door. No one answered. There was no sound at all, not even a nicker from Sun. He cautiously opened the door which creaked on its hinges. Still no sound. He strolled through the barn, calling Fawn as he went. There was no answer.   …

It was only when he mounted his horse to leave that he noticed three sets of fresh hoof prints, all heading in the same direction. The assumption was Fawn was in the company of Joel and Angel. The hair rose on the back of his neck, a sure sign that something was not as it seemed. Should he follow or leave well enough alone? Lord, what should I do?






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