Enzyme Research

My husband, Tom, wrote this article and wanted me to copy and paste it here.
I want to start sharing some of the research I have been doing on how to fight cancer naturally. I will start by saying that I have focused my research to the area of enzyme therapy. I will focus on 1 fruit at a time. Today I will focus on apples. The following research comes from “Base Line of Health Foundation”.
Apples contain a high level of a complex carbohydrate called pectin.

Digestive disorders
Apple pectin’s primary medicinal use is as a natural remedy for digestive disorders. It is also used to help treat colitis, irritable bowel disease, and other related digestive disorders.

Heart health
In studies of apple pectin, it has been shown that it may help lower total cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels.

Cancer fighter
Another interesting study of apple pectin confirms yet one more reason why it pays to eat your fruits and vegetables. As it turns out, the pectin protects against cancer. While apple pectin benefits have been known for some time, this particular study sheds light on how pectin works specifically in fighting cancer cells. A research team at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, England, discovered that a substance in pectin binds to a tumor-producing protein called galectin 3. Galectin 3 allows cancer cells to detach from tumors and to reattach elsewhere, and so it’s a major factor in the spread of cancer. But pectin blocks the activity of galectin 3 and, in so doing, may prevent the progression of cancer within the body.

A research team at the University of Georgia found that pectin destroyed up to 40 percent of prostate cancer cells upon exposure, while other studies revealed that pectin helps in fighting lung and colon cancers. And in fact, apple pectin was used after Chernobyl to extract radioactive waste from victims.
This information, and a lot more, can be found at “jonbarron.org

Personal note. My reason for eating apples is to try to keep the cancer from spreading to other parts of the body

Cancer: Installment #3

Enzyme Therapy

Ever since about a week before I got the cancer diagnosis I had been feeling sluggish, not tired per se, but not as energetic as usual. That feeling continued until yesterday when I did something different with my breakfast.

I had my usual smoothie of grapes, blueberries, kiwi, and papaya. I also add a little turmeric, cumin, ginger, and cinnamon. I used 100% orange juice (we prefer Florida Natural) to make it drinkable. After I drank my smoothie and took care of my neighbors dogs, I fried an egg (in pure, cold pressed saturated coconut oil) and ate it.

I had been really grumpy with the dogs the day before. Yesterday I felt better than I had in weeks and I was nice to them. Today I did the same thing, except I used the last kiwi fruit yesterday so no kiwi this morning. I bought some apples yesterday and used apple in place of the kiwi fruit in today’s smoothie. Today I am full of energy, in spite of the rainy weather.

What I learned: balance. All fruit is full of carbohydrates. The job of enzymes (according to internet research) is to break down the proteins in the stomach to aid in the digestive process. I eat the fruit first, then the protein. I eat the same balance at my other meals. Sometimes I substitute salad for fruit. I do try to eat apple, papaya, or pineapple (sometimes all three) at least once a day.

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Cancer: Installment #2

Today is Wednesday.  My oncologist’s office called Monday evening and said my appointment had been moved from March 20 to Tuesday morning, March 12. Yay! I get more information sooner than expected.

Dr. Boatright looked over the oncology report from the biopsy and went into more detail with us. (My husband now goes to all of my appointments with me. I am so thankful for his support, encouragement, and taking stress off of me.)

After answering some questions we determined that I have probably had this cancer for about twenty years, maybe a few more. It wasn’t until after I intentionally lost thirty pounds last summer that I began to notice the lumps in my neck and collarbone areas. This may have been due to extra fat covering them up.

The doctor said there were several options available. Of course chemo and radiation were the first mentioned.  He said the decision was up to us but as this is a slow-moving cancer, we should just keep up with the natural solutions we are trying. We agreed.

My husband, Tom, read a lot online about the value of enzymes in the body. Then he went out and bought some apples, a papaya, and a pineapple. This morning I had a smoothie of fresh papaya, grapes (with the seeds), blueberries, yogurt, and grapejuice. I ate four papaya enzyme tablets, drank my smoothie, and took some acidophilus. One of the side effects of all of this fresh fruit (for me anyway) is yeast infections. I need the yogurt and acidophilus to fight the yeast (candida). This comes from my battle many years ago with recurring yeast infections. My female doctor at the time told me to purchase a book called “The Yeast Connection.” It was quite an eye-opener for me.

At lunch I had an apple and took my green tea extract and grapeseed extract. I bought them at the local health food store. They also help break down the proteins in the pancreas, according to what we have read online.

The apple produces something called pectin, an enzyme that, according to information online at Baseline of Health Foundation (jonbarrron.org), slows the spread of cancer.


My Cancer Journey:Research

I had been finding lots of lumps on the back of my neck, sides of my throat, collar bone area, and under my arms. I went to my doctor who is an internist. He felt the ones on the sides of my throat and suggested the possibility of lymphoma. Since I had an uncle who died of melanoma cancer, I wasn’t really surprised by the possibility. My internist sent me to a surgeon who found more lumps in my groin area. He scheduled a biopsy on the lump under my right arm.

I had the biopsy on February 27, 2018. It was scheduled for early morning because the lab picks up the fresh, live tissue at 2:00 every afternoon. He said it would take five business days to get the results.

On Thursday, March 8, my internal medicine doctor called me into his office to give me the results. The lab found two types of lymphoma cancer: CLL and SLL. The CLL is Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. The SLL is Small Lymphotic Lymphoma. Both of these, from what we understand, are non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, which are not agressive cancers.

My husband is being such a great help to me. He is trying to keep me stress free by doing as much research as he can, having this page set up for me on my website (by our son, Sherman), and keeping me informed about what he learns.

I won’t have the full picture until I go the oncologist on March 20.  In the meantime I have read some articles by doctors who don’t have a sales pitch agenda. I had started a notebook with a list of foods to eat, foods to avoid, and how to treat cancer naturally. Unfortunately, my notebook decided to take a walk and is currently unavailable. So…here’s what I remember and have been implementing:

I drink at least 2 cups, although the protocol says to drink 3, of warm tea every day. The protocol suggests green tea, peppermint tea, and rose hips. My favorite tea is Red Zinger, produced by Celestial Seasonings. I have a cup of that in the morning. In the afternoon I drink green tea, and in the evening (when  I can squeeze it in) I have a cup of peppermint tea. If I can’t squeeze all three into my day I start with the Red Zinger (which has rose hips), then combine green tea and peppermint about an hour and a half before bed. I was using 1 T raw, natural, local honey and 1 T pure molasses (nothing added) to my tea. I was also making a fresh fruit smoothie every morning for breakfast. Apparently it was too much sugar since I started developing signs of a yeast infection. So I am currently taking a short break from anything sweet.

I have read a lot of information that says cancer cells are attracted to sugar; thus your body needs to raise its ph balance in order to fight the cancer cells. I have also started watching my diet: no processed foods, only fresh meat and vegetables with as little fat as possible. I eat lean meat. If I have to use cooking oil (like for eggs) I use saturated, unprocessed coconut oil.

More to come. Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a message.

Deputy Dewey Finds More Clues

Dewey came rushing back to the sheriff’s office. He jumped off his horse before it came to a full stop. He slapped his hat against his thigh as he entered the door.

“What’s wrong?” Clyde bolted to his feet and dropped the newspaper he was reading.

“It’s what’s right.” Dewey was grinning. “You won’t believe this. That Hilliard fella was into some shady dealing. Got to hangin’ around somebody named Bobby. Whoever he is, he’s done got up and took off in the middle of the night about ten days ago.”

Clyde rubbed the back of his neck. “You don’t say. Any idea who he was hangin’ with or where he went?”

Dewey sat on the three-legged stool and leaned forward as Clyde sat back down. His forearms rested on his legs, his hands cupping his knees.

“Couldn’t get his last name but some folks lived by him said that young lawyer was lookin’ for him. Maybe this here Bobby character was in some kinda legal trouble.”

“Did you try to find the lawyer?”

“Yeah, but he ain’t been to work in a couple days. His boss ain’t too happy with him but he wouldn’t tell me why.”

Clyde got up and found the container of toothpicks. He had never been a smoker but he was trying to curb his sweet tooth. He found a toothpick and stuck it in his mouth.

“Did you get the young attorney’s address?”

“I asked. His boss just said he lives in the rooming house. I went there and everybody there was pretty tight-lipped.”

Clyde switched the toothpick to the other side of his mouth. “Seems pretty strange. Maybe I ought to go rattle some cages.”