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Yesterday I said I was going to try the Align brand of probiotic.  I purchased my probiotic about a week ago but wasn’t going to start taking it until I finished what I already had.  However, what I have already been taking doesn’t alleviate the gas, so I decided to start taking the new probiotic, in conjunction with the other, today.

What I started taking today is not Align, but Garden of Life brand. The package says it has 40 billion CFU’s (Colony Forming Units) and 16 probiotic strains.  The cost was within my budget and the label says it promotes vaginal health, something I need.

Garden of Life is listed on the website link inserted yesterday (and again at the end of this paragraph) as Garden of Life RAW products.  I do not know if there is a difference between the Garden of Life RAW and just Garden of Life.  However, the link below is a site that has research staff that have apparently analyzed each of the brands listed there and given a starred evaluation of each one listed.

Probiotic Pill Reviews

Garden of Life Women’s Daily Care (what I am using) states on its outer packaging that its strains are resistant to stomach acid and bile, coated in vegetarian capsules, are gluten and soy free, are non-gmo certified, dairy free, and shelf stable.  Shelf stable means that the live strains have been created to stay alive without the need for refrigeration.  This is a major improvement over the original acidophilus strain I had to take for recurring yeast infections back in the 80’s.  I always had to ask the pharmacist for it because they had to take it out of the refrigerator, and I had to keep in the fridge when I got it home.

I hope this helps.  Thanks for visiting.


I’m still learning a lot about foods to eat, foods to avoid, and when to eat them and in the proper combination.  Here’s what I have learned recently:

Most of the foods that are really healthy give me gas (flatulence), which is often embarrassing.  I hate it.  It takes probiotics to fight it.  There seems to be a multitude of probiotics to choose from so how do we find out which ones work and which ones don’t? My answer:  trial and error.

I tried a chewable fiber supplement to relieve the constipation that results from only having fresh fruit in my smoothie or in my yogurt.  Yogurt (the brands that contain live good bacteria) is good for fighting yeast infections.  However, the fiber supplement, by itself, doesn’t help.  It needs to be taken with a salad or fresh fruit at least twice a day.  The bottle says to take two a day, but that wasn’t enough for me.

The Secret Detox Drink I mentioned in my previous post causes yeast infections for me because of the apple cider vinegar, which is too acidic for me.  Still, I feel I need to take it in order to get my digestive system cleaned out.

The information I got on probiotics (I can’t remember the website that I copied from and when I looked for it a few minutes ago, it didn’t come back up.) gave the following criteria for finding a good probiotic:

It should contain a minimum of 50 billion live good bacteria.

It should contain 2 main substrains: Bacillus Coaguluns, and Lacto Bacillus Rhamnosus

The capsules should be coated in non-gmo organic vegetable oil

They need to be resistant to stomach acid and bile

They need to be a targeted timed-release formula

You can read reviews of the major brands to see which one may be right for you.  I am going to try the Align for Women brand because the package says it supports vaginal health.  You can see the reviews at the link below:

Probiotic Pill Reviews

An Integrated Chapter

This is a rewrite of Chapter Six of Frienemies.  Well, actually, it’s an excerpt.  Please remember that everything under the “Works In Progress” is copyrighted, and is not available for sharing on your blog or website.  However, I would love to have your opinions.  Thank you for visiting and have a blessed day.


Chapter Six Rewrite

It seemed to be a week for visitors.  Angel Browning came by the following afternoon.  In typical Angel fashion, she galloped nearly all the way to the door before she jerked her horse to a halt and dismounted as if a pack of coyotes was after her.  Fawn was already opening the door for her friend.

“Angel, what a great surprise to see you.”  Fawn stretched both arms forward to clasp Angel’s hands in greeting.  “Come in.”

Angel dashed strands of loose hair from her face.  “You didn’t think I would stay away did you?” She gave Fawn a sisterly hug.  “I just thought you and Nana needed some time to adjust to life without your mom.  May I have a drink of water?”

“Certainly.  The tin cup is hanging on that nail by the rain barrel.  Help yourself and come in.  Nana is sitting in her room with her memories of Dad, Mother, and Gray.  She may not come out today.”

“I’m sorry you two have to go through this.  It’s part of the reason why I came.”  She took a long drink from the cup.  “Do you remember Mr. Bailey?”

Fawn’s brow furrowed.  “I think so.  Doesn’t he live in Sun Valley? If memory serves, he has a little girl.  Dad liked him.”

Angel nodded her head.  “That’s right.  He and your dad were friends.”  She took another sip of water.

“I remember them,” Nana chimed in from her bedroom.  “He was in the war, fought alongside your dad, Fawn.”  Nana’s eyes brightened as her smile widened at the memory. “He had a fine family.  Wouldn’t expect rich folk like that ta be so nice.”  She got off her bed, grabbed one of her canes, and came back to the living room to sit the side of Fawn not occupied by Angel.

Angel leaned toward the couch where Nana and Fawn sat.  “He’s a widower now and looking for a teacher for his little girl, Victoria.  Fawn, you would be perfect for the job.”

Fawn almost dropped her tin cup as her mouth dropped open.  “I can’t go to a stranger! What would happen to Nana? Surely you don’t expect me to leave her here alone after all that has happened!”

“I’ll be alright, Fawn.  You need to go talk to him.”

Fawn ignored Angel as tears of fear pooled in her eyes.  “The only children I’ve ever been around are Jason’s sisters.  They are familiar with me, and they are older than Victoria. She’s what, seven years old now? Melanie is ten and Sarah Beth is…”

“Eight,” Angel finished for her.  “One year older than Victoria.  Come on; you can do this. You were almost finished with school.  I’m sure headmistress Nolan will give you a recommendation.”

Fawn’s palms were sweaty.  Her insides were shaking,  her stomach threatening somersaults.  “What about Nana?” she repeated.  “Someone has to be with her while I am away.”

“Fawn, stop being a ninny,” Angel’s tone was firm.  She checked herself and softened her tone.  “I would be only too happy to stay with Nana during the week and you could come home on the weekends.”

Fear warred with anxiety.  A dark green rim outlined the irises in Fawn’s hazel eyes.  Leave Nana? Would Angel, her reckless and wild best friend, really be able to be still enough to stay with Nana for a week at a time? How would Nana cope with Angel’s restless spirit? There had to be another way.

“Well?” Angel prompted while she tapped her foot on the floor.

“I appreciate you wanting to help, Angel.  I really do, but I just can’t…”

Nana rose from the threadbare couch on shaky legs and leaned on one cane.  “I don’t need a babysitter!”  She turned and hobbled toward her room again.  She spoke without turning her head as she neared the door.  “I kin take care of myself.”  She slammed the door behind her. Fawn heard the muffled weeping as she pictured her dearest relative lying on her bed.  Tears formed in her own eyes.  What was she to do?



Nana rocked in her chair.  Peace settled on her face as she watched the sky and enjoyed companionable silence for a few moments.  Lord Jesus, thank You for Your many blessings, for kind neighbors, for health, and for what family I have left.  Thank You, too, for this lovely weather. Amen.

Jason watched Nana’s expression.  If only Fawn would ask Jesus to be her Saviour, they could marry and he would be able to take care of her and her grandmother.

The back door slammed shut and the two people on the front porch jumped.  “That you?” Nana called through the open front door.

“Yes, Nana.  The door handle got away from me. I was just pulling weeds in the garden.”

“Come on out here,” Nana called.  “We got comp’ny.”

Fawn noticed the bread, butter, and honey on the table and knew who had brought them.  She quickly tucked loose strands of hair back into their coil and briskly went to the front porch.  She chose a rocker to Jason’s left. Two of the rockers were placed on the left side of the porch, their backs to the east.  The back of Nana’s chair faced west as she sat across from them.

Jason cleared his throat.  “I told you I was going to do some snooping to try to find out what’s been going on in this holler.”  He took a sip of water and drummed his thumb against the tin cup.

“I don’t have any proof of who is behind any of this. What I do know is that more than one person is involved.  It seems that there has been a lot of fracking going on to determine if there is any natural gas in the area.  That may or may not have anything to do with homes being vandalized.”

Nana banged the tip of her crutch on the porch.  “That don’t give nobody the right to start attackin’ folks in their own homes.”  She stomped the crutch again.

“We have to find out if all of this is related, Nana,” Fawn said.

Waking Up With The Blues

Maybe it’s because I can’t seem to get enough sleep at night. Some nights it’s restless leg syndrome; sometimes it’s getting up three or four times to relieve myself.  Some nights I just don’t feel tired enough to go to sleep.  Or I feel tired, lay down, and am then wide awake.  Whatever the reason, I woke up not wanting to get out of bed this morning.  Normally I am a cheerful person.

I made myself get up (I’m not feeling the blues now.) and made my new “start the day right drink”.  My husband found this recipe online yesterday.  It’s a detox drink, best consumed while still warm.  It was a little tart and a little spicy, but it’s supposed to be good for you, so I’ll try it for a couple of weeks, per instructions on the website:

Secret Detox Drink Recipe

1 glass warm or hot water–12-16 oz.

2 T apple cider vinegar

2 T lemon juice

1/2 to 1 tsp. ground ginger

1/4 tsp. cinnamon

1 dash cayenne pepper

1 tsp. raw local honey

NOTE: Add lemon juice and honey last.


Warm the water. Mix all ingredients together.  Best served warm but drink at desired temperature.  Drink 20 minutes before eating.  The website says to drink this two or three times a day.  I’m going to try for two.  With our schedules here, it’s hard to plan consistent meal times.

The website lists all of the benefits of the above the above ingredients, and a breakdown of the amount of daily value you get from each of them.



Enzymes for Cancer

Just discovered this website (my husband had it on his IPad, but this morning he decided to show me how to get to all of the websites he has bookmarked for fighting cancer.

Enzymes for Cancer

I have continued to make my smoothies almost every day. About once or twice a week I put the fresh honey-packed pineapple and papaya in a bowl and add a single-serving container of Dannon Oikos Triple Zero yogurt (the only kind sweetened with Stevia leaf extract) and sometimes part of a banana or blueberries. When I do that I also add hemp seeds (good for fighting inflammation), cinnamon, ginger, and flax seed. It does give me a lot of gas so I have to take a probiotic. I’m still trying to find one that works. Beano and Gas X do not work for me.

In the past two weeks I have noticed occasional bouts of sudden loss of energy, sometimes accompanied by weepiness. This usually lasts for about five minutes, and then it is gone. I’m starting to keep track of it on my calendar.

The website above has some interesting history on the study of the benefits of enzymes on the body, their function, and how we got them. It is interesting and may be of interest to those fighting any type of cancer. Whether or not you subscribe to the theories/information here, it certainly can’t hurt. I read everything, pray about everything and try to follow God’s lead on what might be best for my situation.

If time allows, I will post another article later today about a detox recipe I found today, which I will take before lunch.

Blessings to you, and thank you for visiting. Anything posted on the heading of “My Cancer Journey” may be shared on social media and/or reblogged.

“Healthy” Foods

I was watching a morning talk show (something I rarely do) a few days ago.  One of the guests they brought out came out with some new foods from the frozen foods section of the grocery store.  He read the list of ingredients on the back and the foods certainly were packed with lots of good foods.  The problem was in the sugars which were not listed as sugars.

As consumers we tend to believe that, when a product is listed or touted as healthy, we buy it.  If the ingredients are read to us we hear the good stuff and may not really hear the bad stuff.  If we want to try to prevent cancer and other diseases it is imperative that we read the labels ourselves before purchasing.  If an ingredient ends in “ose” or “xtrose” it is a form of sweetener or sugar.  All of these are hard on the pancreas.  As consumers who want to be healthy it is incumbent upon us to research some of these items before purchasing.  In this day of cell phones we now have the ability to call the manufacturer (phone number is usually listed on the package in tiny print somewhere around the manufacturerer’s name) and ask questions.  If you don’t have time to call while you’re at the store, write down the name of the product, the ingredient(s) in question, and the phone number.  Put off purchasing the product until you have the desired information.

Since I have been diagnosed with this lymphoma cancer I have almost completely cut out any processed sugar.  I use honey, molasses, or raw Stevia.  My favorite beverage is Arizona green tea.  I have had to stop purchasing it because it contains corn syrup, which is one of the worst sugars in our food.  I am hoping they will come begin to make some with just the honey, or with honey and Stevia.  I did call and leave a message with that request.

I miss ice cream, but when I went to our local health food store last week I discovered an ice cream that is only sweetened with coconut sugar.  It’s a little pricey at $8.00 a pint so it will be either a monthly or every six weeks treat, but it’s the best ice cream I’ve ever had.  Needless to say, I’m going to make it last.  A couple of spoonsful a day will suffice.

Thanks for visiting.