National Smoothie Day

I don’t know if there is such a day.  If there isn’t, perhaps there should be.  As cancer patients strive to find natural ways to fight the disease, we come across many recipes.  Smoothies have become a large part of my diet.

I had been making the fruit smoothies every morning for several months before I discovered Hallelujah Acres website for optimal health and cancer-fighting strategies.

Their veggie recipe is as follows:

1 beet

1 carrot

1 stalk celery

1 radish

1/2 potato

Cut in size of chunks according to your blender directions.  There are no recommendations for any seasonings or liquid.  Of course, you can’t make a smoothie without liquid.  My solution:  I use 100% vegetable juice (I like the Great Value brand).  I add enough to cover about 2/3 of the vegetables, then use the “grind” setting.  When it appears everything is ground up I add more juice until I get the desired consistency.  Then I sprinkle in some garlic salt and 2 teaspoons of Stevia.  I can’t drink all of that in one sitting, so I divide it into two servings.

My problem is, sometimes I don’t do my breakfast dishes right away.  I am often tired.  So if the blender doesn’t get washed before lunchtime, I don’t want to wash it and turn around and use it again.  By the time I get around to making the veggie smoothie again half of my veggies are spoiled.

I started a new routine today.  I rinsed the blender after my fruit smoothie, then made enough veggie smoothie for 2 days.  I pour what doesn’t get used today into containers with lids and put them in the refrigerator.  That used up all of my beets so they won’t spoil.  Since I use celery and carrots in other recipes and salads I don’t have to worry about them spoiling either.   I think this is going to work.  I will have to buy more beets tomorrow so I will have them on hand Wednesday when I make the next batch.  Using all of the beets at once is a good idea.  It’s a good thing I like beets.  Lol.

Veggie Smoothie

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