National Smoothie Day

I don’t know if there is such a day.  If there isn’t, perhaps there should be.  As cancer patients strive to find natural ways to fight the disease, we come across many recipes.  Smoothies have become a large part of my diet.

I had been making the fruit smoothies every morning for several months before I discovered Hallelujah Acres website for optimal health and cancer-fighting strategies.

Their veggie recipe is as follows:

1 beet

1 carrot

1 stalk celery

1 radish

1/2 potato

Cut in size of chunks according to your blender directions.  There are no recommendations for any seasonings or liquid.  Of course, you can’t make a smoothie without liquid.  My solution:  I use 100% vegetable juice (I like the Great Value brand).  I add enough to cover about 2/3 of the vegetables, then use the “grind” setting.  When it appears everything is ground up I add more juice until I get the desired consistency.  Then I sprinkle in some garlic salt and 2 teaspoons of Stevia.  I can’t drink all of that in one sitting, so I divide it into two servings.

My problem is, sometimes I don’t do my breakfast dishes right away.  I am often tired.  So if the blender doesn’t get washed before lunchtime, I don’t want to wash it and turn around and use it again.  By the time I get around to making the veggie smoothie again half of my veggies are spoiled.

I started a new routine today.  I rinsed the blender after my fruit smoothie, then made enough veggie smoothie for 2 days.  I pour what doesn’t get used today into containers with lids and put them in the refrigerator.  That used up all of my beets so they won’t spoil.  Since I use celery and carrots in other recipes and salads I don’t have to worry about them spoiling either.   I think this is going to work.  I will have to buy more beets tomorrow so I will have them on hand Wednesday when I make the next batch.  Using all of the beets at once is a good idea.  It’s a good thing I like beets.  Lol.

Veggie Smoothie

More Information on Cancer Treatment

Please forgive the long lapse between posts.  Life has been a little crazy this last month and the first two weeks of this month.  Our son got married three weeks ago in Michigan.  We had a reception for him and his bride to be (at the time) for those who wished to participate but could not get away to travel so far.  Then we helped them get everything ready to go to Michigan, spent a week up there (wonderful people at Freedom Farm in Pittsford), came home and tried to get our own lives back to some sense of normal.  But somehow, normal seems to be getting busier.  Oh, well.  I don’t have time to be bored.

During all of that planning and preparing, I learned a few more things about fighting cancer.  First, I discovered Hallelujah Acres website.  They have loads of information about fighting all kinds of diseases,  I heard about the benefits of bitter apricot seeds and ordered a pound of them from a company in California.

A little about Bitter Apricot Seeds:  they contain a high concentration of vitamin B17, but also contain cyanide.  Many of our foods contain low doses of cyanide (you can Google “foods that contain cyanide”) so it is important to know the symptoms of cyanide poisoning and not take more than necessary.  I take two or three in the morning, and two or three at night.  I also found a site (don’t remember which one now; may have been the aforementioned Hallelujah Acres) that claimed our bodies don’t have enough oxygen in our bodies.  One suggestion was to add freshly squeezed lemon juice to each glass or bottle of distilled water (distilled because it has more oxygen in it and has not been through the processes that remove the oxygen).  Sometimes we buy bottled water, and once a bottle is empty we refill it with distilled water (purchased from the store in gallon jugs).

For more information on apricot seeds, you can log on to

I do think a couple of my lumps have either shrunk or gotten softer.  Next oncologist appointment is Oct. 25.

Also, I dry the seeds of watermelon, papaya, and anything else with small seeds.  I add them to one salad a day.

More next time, but keep your eyes open.  I’m going to start a short story series for anyone who would like to check out my writing.  Hopefully, I will begin this by Oct. 1.

Blessings to you.

Test Results

biology, clinic, doctor

Image copied from 100+ Great Medical Photos

I had the bloodwork done on Wednesday, June 20.  I saw the oncologist on the next day.  He said my B-cells had doubled in volume but there was still no need for treatment yet.  He always tells me I am free to get a second opinion.  I haven’t yet, but may consider it.

I have been making a fruit smoothie almost every morning using an apple (with seeds) first, followed by pineapple, then papya, both of which have been marinated in honey and kept in mason jars.  Then I add lots of blueberries (fresh when I can get them), and a banana or kiwi fruit if there’s room in the blender and still leaves room for juice.

Apparently this has not been sufficient to lower the B-cell count.  I have looked at Ketogenic diet (site says not recommended for cancer patients), Forks Over Knives website (interesting, but I am not going to totally give up meat.  The body needs protein and too many beans causes other problems.)  I also looked at Hallelujah Acres.  This website sells a lot of natural products and supplements as well as suggests a diet regimen.  I will check out the cost of the barley grass juice mix, not only from their site, but from other sources as well.  I am also taking a women’s probiotic, drinking at least one cup of detox tea a day (when I have time), and one cup of Essiac Tea per day.

Ultimately, I will do what I can to be healthy.  The rest is up to the Lord.  Either way, I will be healed–either in this life or the next.  I have this assurance because I have Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I don’t have to worry about whether I have done more good than bad in my life,  or whether I got baptized the right way, or lived perfectly and made it to the end.  Jesus offers the FREE GIFT of ETERNAL LIFE (not until we mess up, not if God is having a bad day, or if I forgot to say ‘thank you’ to someone); God created language and knows the meaning of the word ‘eternal’.  He means what He says, and says what He means.

Where will you spend eternity? The offer of salvation is free to everyone who asks.  There is no one too bad, too ugly, too unworthy, or too sinful.  Romans 3:10 says there is none righteous.  Not one single person is righteous in God’s eyes.  Verse 23 says, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin (what we earn from our sinful ways) is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life. v. 17: “For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved. v. 18: “He that believeth on Him is not condemned:  but he tht believeth no is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.”  What sends people to hell is not the bad things that they have done, but rejection of God’s Son, Jesus, who paid our sin debt.

All you have to do is ask God to save you from your sin and make you a new person.  It is a process.  God doesn’t change everything at once.  He leads us a little at time, putting His finger on what He wants to change.  You don’t have to give up anything to get saved.  Once you are saved, God promises a better, happier life (not all the time; life will always have its own troubles), and also promises to carry us through the tough times when they come.  He promises never to leave us or forsake us.  Sometimes He seems far away.  If I’m not close to God, it is me who has moved.


Writing Prompt from Old Emails

Creative Writing Prompt | Flash Fiction | Short Story | Set the Scene | Writing |

I love writing prompts.  They help kickstart my muse (sometimes).   I sure would like to see my books in a library (sigh).  Maybe some day.


In The Library

I was perusing my favorite genre one day, poring over the titles, looking at the covers.  Maybe I would discover a new author.  Hmmm.  I had already read several books by John Grisham, James Scott Bell, Iris Johansen, and Mary Higgins Clark.

Oh, there’s an author I haven’t read before.  The cover had a lot of blue in it (my favorite color) and it had an intriguing title:  “Silent Night.”  Okay, I know this is summer; but maybe it will get me to thinking about what to get for gifts this Christmas ahead of time, not waiting until the last minute.  I love mystery/suspense/thriller but, as a Christian, I don’t want to read intimate love scenes, God’s name in vain, or vulgarity.  For me, those things detract from the story.  They are unnecessary.  I read the blurb on the back.  Yes, I am definitely going to read this book.

Maybe next year it will be my book on the library shelf.  It could happen.

Prompt was copied from:  Time To Write The Scene

Heaven and Hell: Myth or Truth?

Okay,  this is not one of my books.  I received an email about it, read part of it on, and decided it needed a recommendation.  It was written by Michael Yeager about his personal experiences in these realms, given to him by God for the express purpose of reaching out to those who might otherwise never find the truth.  The book is free for the next four days.  Click on the link below to read for yourself.

Horrors of Hell, Splendor of Heaven


Ice Station Zebra

I am currently reading (almost finished) “Ice Station Zebra” by Alistair MacLean.  He’s been dead for years but I really enjoy his books.  They are intriguing political mysteries.  Movies have been made from some of his books:  “Ice Station Zebra”, and “Puppet on a Chain”, to name two.

Mr. MacLean weaves a good tale of espionage, sabotage, and death, leaving clues to help the reader figure out who the bad guy(s) is.  However, like Agatha Christie, he always leaves out one crucial piece of information until almost the very end.

The link to purchase is below.  It is available in print and ebook form.

Happy reading.

Ice Station Zebra

Frienemies Chapter 46 excerpt

While Fawn and Nana talked about furnishings for the new house Angel sat in the office section of the barn at the Browning residence. She was not alone.

The oak chair in which she sat creaked as she sat hunched over her father’s ledgers. The entry that caught her attention was for an account labeled “Jackson Holdings.” The beginning balance figure was astounding. How was it that a poor farmer in a hovel of a house could have such a large sum of money? Was Fawn holding out on her? Either Fawn was very good at keeping things close, or she was not as naive as Angel had always believed, or, and this was probably the truth: the poor ninny had no idea how well off she really was. All the better for Angel. She turned the ledger toward her companion.

Her companion stroked his neatly trimmed beard. “Interesting,” was his only response.

“This explains a few things,” Angel considered. “This is why my father is always giving the Jacksons nice things. It’s their money, not his. I have misconstrued everything. Oh, well. It doesn’t change my plans. Is everything ready?”

Her companion leaned his chair back against a wooden supporting beam. He re-positioned the toothpick in his mouth and spoke around it.

“Just a few loose ends to tie up to avoid complications. Some of that is being done as we speak. Once that’s done, we are set to move. Just don’t try to double cross me. You think you hold all the cards, but I’ve got an ace up my sleeve.”

Angel didn’t blink. She reached across the table, grabbed his wrist, and said, “You think you do. You may think I’m a wild, crazy, brazen harlot, but there’s more to me than that. It is you who had better think twice about stabbing me in the back.” Her next words were spoken through clenched jaws: “I’m not fragile and I don’t break.”


A nicer-than-average brougham pulled up in the yard of the Gardner’s house. The driver looked around and noticed the well-kept yard, vegetable garden, and white wrought iron table and chairs. A hand-carved oak plank hung from a tulip tree by two long lengths of rope. He nodded his head in appreciation. But what really caught his eye was Fawn Jackson playing ring-around-the-rosey with two young girls. They were far enough away, and making enough noise they probably had not heard the plodding of the horses nor the wheels of the carriage. He remained where he sat for some moments, considering the report he would take back to Pipestem.

At length he dismounted the conveyance and approached the front door of the neat two-story farm house. His hand was poised to knock when the door was hastily opened from the inside, Jason Gardner nearly running into him.

Jason took a quick step back as he asked, “May I help you?” It took mere seconds for him to notice the sheen of the sleek black slicker, obviously well cared for. The man’s hat sat perfectly atop a thatch of dark brown hair, neatly trimmed in front while long enough to just touch the shirt collar in the back. The back hair curled slightly below the visitor’s ears.

“Begging your pardon, sir. My name is Justin Forbes. I was told that Miss Fawn Jackson is temporarily housed here.” He removed his hat and held it in his two hands in front of him.

“May I ask the nature of your business with Miss Jackson?” Jason wasn’t about to divulge any information without a good reason.

“Mr. Wiley, the minister of our town, sent me with a message for the young lady. I have not read the letter, but was given to understand that the people of the town are ready to accept Miss Jackson as their teacher.”

Nana took one step at a time as she came down the stairs. “I heard voices and Fawn’s name,” she said.

Ellen rose from her seat as did the visitor. “Indeed you did, Nana. This gentleman is Mr. Forbes. He has come with a letter for Fawn. She. . .”

Jason and Fawn came in at that moment. They both stopped in front of Mr. Forbes. Melanie and Sarah Beth were told to stay outside and play. Mr. Forbes handed Fawn the letter. “I am supposed to wait for a reply,” he said.

Fawn opened the letter as Nana, Jason, and Ellen gathered around her. She read in silence, then handed the letter to Nana. “What should I do?”

Nana sat in the rocker behind her. She read slowly while it seemed the other family members held their breaths. A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she handed the letter to Ellen. “What do you think?” she asked her closest friend.

Ellen read the letter and looked at the young man who had brought it. “Excuse us for just a few moments, please. We need to discuss this.”

The two women and Jason exited to the kitchen and sat at the table, the letter face up on that piece of furniture. Nana spoke first.

“Fawn, you need a job. We got ta have money for food and rent. I know ya want to stay here. I know yer worried about leavin’ me. But this would be good for ya, too.”

“But Nana,” Fawn started.

Ellen looked between the two and saw Nana’s set jaw. “Nana, you are most welcome to stay here. . .”

Correction to Previous Post

Yesterday I said I was going to try the Align brand of probiotic.  I purchased my probiotic about a week ago but wasn’t going to start taking it until I finished what I already had.  However, what I have already been taking doesn’t alleviate the gas, so I decided to start taking the new probiotic, in conjunction with the other, today.

What I started taking today is not Align, but Garden of Life brand. The package says it has 40 billion CFU’s (Colony Forming Units) and 16 probiotic strains.  The cost was within my budget and the label says it promotes vaginal health, something I need.

Garden of Life is listed on the website link inserted yesterday (and again at the end of this paragraph) as Garden of Life RAW products.  I do not know if there is a difference between the Garden of Life RAW and just Garden of Life.  However, the link below is a site that has research staff that have apparently analyzed each of the brands listed there and given a starred evaluation of each one listed.

Probiotic Pill Reviews

Garden of Life Women’s Daily Care (what I am using) states on its outer packaging that its strains are resistant to stomach acid and bile, coated in vegetarian capsules, are gluten and soy free, are non-gmo certified, dairy free, and shelf stable.  Shelf stable means that the live strains have been created to stay alive without the need for refrigeration.  This is a major improvement over the original acidophilus strain I had to take for recurring yeast infections back in the 80’s.  I always had to ask the pharmacist for it because they had to take it out of the refrigerator, and I had to keep in the fridge when I got it home.

I hope this helps.  Thanks for visiting.


I’m still learning a lot about foods to eat, foods to avoid, and when to eat them and in the proper combination.  Here’s what I have learned recently:

Most of the foods that are really healthy give me gas (flatulence), which is often embarrassing.  I hate it.  It takes probiotics to fight it.  There seems to be a multitude of probiotics to choose from so how do we find out which ones work and which ones don’t? My answer:  trial and error.

I tried a chewable fiber supplement to relieve the constipation that results from only having fresh fruit in my smoothie or in my yogurt.  Yogurt (the brands that contain live good bacteria) is good for fighting yeast infections.  However, the fiber supplement, by itself, doesn’t help.  It needs to be taken with a salad or fresh fruit at least twice a day.  The bottle says to take two a day, but that wasn’t enough for me.

The Secret Detox Drink I mentioned in my previous post causes yeast infections for me because of the apple cider vinegar, which is too acidic for me.  Still, I feel I need to take it in order to get my digestive system cleaned out.

The information I got on probiotics (I can’t remember the website that I copied from and when I looked for it a few minutes ago, it didn’t come back up.) gave the following criteria for finding a good probiotic:

It should contain a minimum of 50 billion live good bacteria.

It should contain 2 main substrains: Bacillus Coaguluns, and Lacto Bacillus Rhamnosus

The capsules should be coated in non-gmo organic vegetable oil

They need to be resistant to stomach acid and bile

They need to be a targeted timed-release formula

You can read reviews of the major brands to see which one may be right for you.  I am going to try the Align for Women brand because the package says it supports vaginal health.  You can see the reviews at the link below:

Probiotic Pill Reviews

An Integrated Chapter

This is a rewrite of Chapter Six of Frienemies.  Well, actually, it’s an excerpt.  Please remember that everything under the “Works In Progress” is copyrighted, and is not available for sharing on your blog or website.  However, I would love to have your opinions.  Thank you for visiting and have a blessed day.


Chapter Six Rewrite

It seemed to be a week for visitors.  Angel Browning came by the following afternoon.  In typical Angel fashion, she galloped nearly all the way to the door before she jerked her horse to a halt and dismounted as if a pack of coyotes was after her.  Fawn was already opening the door for her friend.

“Angel, what a great surprise to see you.”  Fawn stretched both arms forward to clasp Angel’s hands in greeting.  “Come in.”

Angel dashed strands of loose hair from her face.  “You didn’t think I would stay away did you?” She gave Fawn a sisterly hug.  “I just thought you and Nana needed some time to adjust to life without your mom.  May I have a drink of water?”

“Certainly.  The tin cup is hanging on that nail by the rain barrel.  Help yourself and come in.  Nana is sitting in her room with her memories of Dad, Mother, and Gray.  She may not come out today.”

“I’m sorry you two have to go through this.  It’s part of the reason why I came.”  She took a long drink from the cup.  “Do you remember Mr. Bailey?”

Fawn’s brow furrowed.  “I think so.  Doesn’t he live in Sun Valley? If memory serves, he has a little girl.  Dad liked him.”

Angel nodded her head.  “That’s right.  He and your dad were friends.”  She took another sip of water.

“I remember them,” Nana chimed in from her bedroom.  “He was in the war, fought alongside your dad, Fawn.”  Nana’s eyes brightened as her smile widened at the memory. “He had a fine family.  Wouldn’t expect rich folk like that ta be so nice.”  She got off her bed, grabbed one of her canes, and came back to the living room to sit the side of Fawn not occupied by Angel.

Angel leaned toward the couch where Nana and Fawn sat.  “He’s a widower now and looking for a teacher for his little girl, Victoria.  Fawn, you would be perfect for the job.”

Fawn almost dropped her tin cup as her mouth dropped open.  “I can’t go to a stranger! What would happen to Nana? Surely you don’t expect me to leave her here alone after all that has happened!”

“I’ll be alright, Fawn.  You need to go talk to him.”

Fawn ignored Angel as tears of fear pooled in her eyes.  “The only children I’ve ever been around are Jason’s sisters.  They are familiar with me, and they are older than Victoria. She’s what, seven years old now? Melanie is ten and Sarah Beth is…”

“Eight,” Angel finished for her.  “One year older than Victoria.  Come on; you can do this. You were almost finished with school.  I’m sure headmistress Nolan will give you a recommendation.”

Fawn’s palms were sweaty.  Her insides were shaking,  her stomach threatening somersaults.  “What about Nana?” she repeated.  “Someone has to be with her while I am away.”

“Fawn, stop being a ninny,” Angel’s tone was firm.  She checked herself and softened her tone.  “I would be only too happy to stay with Nana during the week and you could come home on the weekends.”

Fear warred with anxiety.  A dark green rim outlined the irises in Fawn’s hazel eyes.  Leave Nana? Would Angel, her reckless and wild best friend, really be able to be still enough to stay with Nana for a week at a time? How would Nana cope with Angel’s restless spirit? There had to be another way.

“Well?” Angel prompted while she tapped her foot on the floor.

“I appreciate you wanting to help, Angel.  I really do, but I just can’t…”

Nana rose from the threadbare couch on shaky legs and leaned on one cane.  “I don’t need a babysitter!”  She turned and hobbled toward her room again.  She spoke without turning her head as she neared the door.  “I kin take care of myself.”  She slammed the door behind her. Fawn heard the muffled weeping as she pictured her dearest relative lying on her bed.  Tears formed in her own eyes.  What was she to do?



Nana rocked in her chair.  Peace settled on her face as she watched the sky and enjoyed companionable silence for a few moments.  Lord Jesus, thank You for Your many blessings, for kind neighbors, for health, and for what family I have left.  Thank You, too, for this lovely weather. Amen.

Jason watched Nana’s expression.  If only Fawn would ask Jesus to be her Saviour, they could marry and he would be able to take care of her and her grandmother.

The back door slammed shut and the two people on the front porch jumped.  “That you?” Nana called through the open front door.

“Yes, Nana.  The door handle got away from me. I was just pulling weeds in the garden.”

“Come on out here,” Nana called.  “We got comp’ny.”

Fawn noticed the bread, butter, and honey on the table and knew who had brought them.  She quickly tucked loose strands of hair back into their coil and briskly went to the front porch.  She chose a rocker to Jason’s left. Two of the rockers were placed on the left side of the porch, their backs to the east.  The back of Nana’s chair faced west as she sat across from them.

Jason cleared his throat.  “I told you I was going to do some snooping to try to find out what’s been going on in this holler.”  He took a sip of water and drummed his thumb against the tin cup.

“I don’t have any proof of who is behind any of this. What I do know is that more than one person is involved.  It seems that there has been a lot of fracking going on to determine if there is any natural gas in the area.  That may or may not have anything to do with homes being vandalized.”

Nana banged the tip of her crutch on the porch.  “That don’t give nobody the right to start attackin’ folks in their own homes.”  She stomped the crutch again.

“We have to find out if all of this is related, Nana,” Fawn said.