About Me

Aleta Kay is a former introvert, and a klutz, a foodie (especially junk food, but trying half-heartedly to break the addiction).
She has wanted to be a writer ever since she read Nancy Drew books in elementary school. Her dad wanted her to be a secretary. He said writers don’t make any money, but secretaries do (not!). She saw herself as a homely kid, shy, awkward, and bullied by some girls. Her sense of self-worth began when she asked Jesus to be her Saviour.

Aleta is a people person. She enjoys helping others. She wants to connect with her readers as a friend, not just an author.

This blog is a showcase for her writing, as well as an attempt to follow other writers and photographers. It is also about sharing ideas and encouragement. She writes inspirational fiction about real life situations, trying to show how God wants to help us through difficult times if we will only let Him. God hates sin but loves the sinner, which we all are.

She has been married for 46 years with 2 kids, and 6 grandkids. Aleta is the author of 2 novels, working on a trilogy, children’s picture books, and more. She loves God (Jesus), family and church. “Vengeance” is in the process of a total re-write including new title so is not currently available unless someone is selling their copy. “Mending Fences” is available in e-book format from Amazon.com. It is contemporary inspirational family drama. Currently working on a trilogy family saga spanning four generations. Working title: The Peace River Chronicles.