Heaven and Hell: Myth or Truth?

Okay,  this is not one of my books.  I received an email about it, read part of it on Amazon.com, and decided it needed a recommendation.  It was written by Michael Yeager about his personal experiences in these realms, given to him by God for the express purpose of reaching out to those who might otherwise never find the truth.  The book is free for the next four days.  Click on the link below to read for yourself.

Horrors of Hell, Splendor of Heaven


Ice Station Zebra

I am currently reading (almost finished) “Ice Station Zebra” by Alistair MacLean.  He’s been dead for years but I really enjoy his books.  They are intriguing political mysteries.  Movies have been made from some of his books:  “Ice Station Zebra”, and “Puppet on a Chain”, to name two.

Mr. MacLean weaves a good tale of espionage, sabotage, and death, leaving clues to help the reader figure out who the bad guy(s) is.  However, like Agatha Christie, he always leaves out one crucial piece of information until almost the very end.

The link to purchase is below.  It is available in print and ebook form.

Happy reading.

Ice Station Zebra

Book Review

Force of Habit by James Scott Bell

Force of Habit

This is a novelette or short story consisting of about eight chapters. The story is about a street-tough actress-turned-nun who considers it her calling to injure people who are about to do serious harm to themselves or others. Her methods are less than stellar in the eyes of the diocese and she often finds herself being reprimanded. Yet the nun has a kind heart and much compassion for children.

James Scott Bell is a master story-teller whose characters are quirky and humorous. I have read three of his novels and have enjoyed all of them. His characters are like neighbors in an apartment building or RV park: they seem like people you really know, people you like sometimes, laugh at sometimes, and other times want to leave alone.

He knows how to weave a tale, make you laugh, and sigh with relief that the events in his books are not part of your life.

Force of Habit by [Bell, James Scott]