I’m still learning a lot about foods to eat, foods to avoid, and when to eat them and in the proper combination.  Here’s what I have learned recently:

Most of the foods that are really healthy give me gas (flatulence), which is often embarrassing.  I hate it.  It takes probiotics to fight it.  There seems to be a multitude of probiotics to choose from so how do we find out which ones work and which ones don’t? My answer:  trial and error.

I tried a chewable fiber supplement to relieve the constipation that results from only having fresh fruit in my smoothie or in my yogurt.  Yogurt (the brands that contain live good bacteria) is good for fighting yeast infections.  However, the fiber supplement, by itself, doesn’t help.  It needs to be taken with a salad or fresh fruit at least twice a day.  The bottle says to take two a day, but that wasn’t enough for me.

The Secret Detox Drink I mentioned in my previous post causes yeast infections for me because of the apple cider vinegar, which is too acidic for me.  Still, I feel I need to take it in order to get my digestive system cleaned out.

The information I got on probiotics (I can’t remember the website that I copied from and when I looked for it a few minutes ago, it didn’t come back up.) gave the following criteria for finding a good probiotic:

It should contain a minimum of 50 billion live good bacteria.

It should contain 2 main substrains: Bacillus Coaguluns, and Lacto Bacillus Rhamnosus

The capsules should be coated in non-gmo organic vegetable oil

They need to be resistant to stomach acid and bile

They need to be a targeted timed-release formula

You can read reviews of the major brands to see which one may be right for you.  I am going to try the Align for Women brand because the package says it supports vaginal health.  You can see the reviews at the link below:

Probiotic Pill Reviews