Enzymes for Cancer

Just discovered this website (my husband had it on his IPad, but this morning he decided to show me how to get to all of the websites he has bookmarked for fighting cancer.

Enzymes for Cancer

I have continued to make my smoothies almost every day. About once or twice a week I put the fresh honey-packed pineapple and papaya in a bowl and add a single-serving container of Dannon Oikos Triple Zero yogurt (the only kind sweetened with Stevia leaf extract) and sometimes part of a banana or blueberries. When I do that I also add hemp seeds (good for fighting inflammation), cinnamon, ginger, and flax seed. It does give me a lot of gas so I have to take a probiotic. I’m still trying to find one that works. Beano and Gas X do not work for me.

In the past two weeks I have noticed occasional bouts of sudden loss of energy, sometimes accompanied by weepiness. This usually lasts for about five minutes, and then it is gone. I’m starting to keep track of it on my calendar.

The website above has some interesting history on the study of the benefits of enzymes on the body, their function, and how we got them. It is interesting and may be of interest to those fighting any type of cancer. Whether or not you subscribe to the theories/information here, it certainly can’t hurt. I read everything, pray about everything and try to follow God’s lead on what might be best for my situation.

If time allows, I will post another article later today about a detox recipe I found today, which I will take before lunch.

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